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Translation procedure


You can ask for a quotation by an e-mail or a phone call. If you agreed with the quotation then you will be requested to acknowledge your order.

how to submit documents

You can chose yourself how do you want to submit your document or text for translation. We receive it by e-mail, by fax, by post or personally after an appointment.

sworn translations

In case of sworn translations you must submit the original documents to be translated. These should be delivered personally or through registered post. As the Urdu language permits many variations in the spelling of names and addresses, a personal visit will be required - after appointment - in order to discuss right spelling of all names and addresses.

The translated documents are provided with an official stamp, signature and a declaration of the sworn translator. In case that the translated documents should be sent by post the postal costs would be paid by the clients.

The translation fees are dependent on the complexity of the text, its length, date of deliverance and other wishes.

The translation charges varied further for sworn and normal translations. Please contact me in order to make an estimation of fees for your documents.